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Concert aficionado Lewis has seen 177 bands perform

Rebecca Lewis is a college career advisor at Riverview. But even though she is a teacher, Lewis has seen over 117 bands perform.

Lewis’ job consists of helping seniors and some juniors excel in the college application process. She pushes students to apply to colleges that they would have never thought of applying to, for their better good.

Regarding her family, Lewis says that she is a Sarasota native, and music has always been a part of her life.

“My husband and I both grew up in Sarasota and met while attending college. We have one son and a cat named Tango,” she said.

Obviously, Lewis has a pretty interesting life outside of her teaching job.

Normally, when people are surrounded by music in their childhood, they tend to surround themselves with it when they grow up. And this was no different with Lewis. In the interview, she said that she grew up listening to music, and her parents took her to her first concerts. So, that is probably what sparked her interest in going to concerts.

Lewis said that her very first concert was when she was just 12. She says that when she went, Cyndi Lauper and The Bangles opened. Most people at 12 have never even been near a concert hall, so this is very surprising and must have been extremely exciting for little 12-year-old Lewis.

When Lewis goes to concerts, she says she finds them her “calm.” Most people find activities like reading or gardening relaxing, going to concerts (which are usually packed with people and loud) are not really seen as a calming activity by most people. It is extraordinary and unique that Lewis finds her calm there.

About expenses, Lewis said that the overall price can vary according to the place of the concert, whether a hotel reservation will be needed or not, ticket pricing, and the amount of money she spends on souvenirs.

Surely, going to so many concerts in her lifetime must have brought Lewis many interesting experiences and accomplishments. Lewis says that some of the accomplishments she has made are “meeting incredible people that [she] may not have – forming friendships and making memories to last a lifetime.” After going to so many concerts, it comes as no surprise that Lewis has met so many new people.

For these concerts, Lewis has traveled to Boston and Denver to see bands play. Most people may not think that many bands come to perform in the local surroundings of Sarasota. However, Lewis says that most of the concerts she has attended are in the Tampa Bay area.

Lewis says that what makes this hobby of going to concerts so exciting is that there are many people from various places and that have different backgrounds all coming together to enjoy the music and the “electric” atmosphere.

“Music transforms you to a different place and provides a strong energy that lasts longer than the performance itself,” she said.

Relating this to her teaching, Lewis believes that going to concerts can make her be more relatable to different ages and help her understand things that may not be seen by others. These skills can all come in handy when she is trying to help kids with their college applications.

Lewis says that in the future, she wants to “continue to travel for music and introduce variety of settings/experiences to [her] son.” Lewis wants to give her son the same type of opportunities that she got from her parents. This way, she is creating a new tradition and passing on her own knowledge about concerts.

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