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Creamy Mac and Cheese is a “Cheesy Masterpiece” Emily Honish

Marcia Honish’s creamy and delicious mac and cheese bake is filled with little ingredients you would never expect.

My grandma, Marcia Honish, produced a classic mac and cheese recipe, and it has been passed down all the way to my generation. She describes her recipe as “a cheesy masterpiece.” This recipe is a baked mac and cheese that is filled with the perfect measurements to create the best mac and cheese you will ever eat. It consists of cheese, milk, flour, pepper, mustard powder and many more ingredients.

My grandma says that the best way to start the recipe is by boiling the pasta. After that, she prepares the oven by setting it to 400 degrees and buttering the pan. The next step is making to toppings. She says the trick for the toppings is to keep the casserole on medium heat for 4-6 minutes. The recipe calls for you to add panko crumbs and garlic to the butter and oil and cook until golden brown. The special ingredient in this part is to add parmesan and salt.

My grandma then makes the sauce and macaroni. She grabs a large pot and cooks the pasta while gradually adding flour and butter. The magic time for this is about 4 minutes. Once golden, you will want to add milk and heavy whipping cream. She says this will make your pasta and cheese more flavorful. You want to keep stirring until it looks thick and creamy.

Once it is thick, you add in the salt, pepper, then add the mustard powder. This is her favorite part because no one expects the mustard powder to be inside her mac and cheese, but she claims, “ it makes it taste 10 times better.” Once it is melted, you want to take it off the heat.

You then add this all to the pan including the toppings and put it in the oven for 18-22 minutes. Once taken out, you enjoy this delicious and enjoyable recipe. Marcia Honish is enormously proud of this recipe because it took her years to master. The little ingredients are key to this recipe.

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