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Dance Marathon students earn 17.2 thousand having fun

Serena Turner ‘23


The annual Dance Marathon event took place on April 23, in order to celebrate the money raised throughout the school year for children in the hospital.

The event was accountable for virtual and brick-and-mortar students. Sponsor Alex Catena hosted a Zoom as well as hosting the event outside at Riverview to provide a COVID-safe environment. The event focused on encouraging people to stay on their feet during the entire six hours.

Students kept themselves entertained throughout the event by participating in various outdoor activities including Four Square, Jenga and volleyball. Club officers also created a dance that members learned and performed. Hourly themes included rave, throwbacks and Disney.

Ninth grade club member Haven Wilson liked the look back to songs from younger years.

“I loved Disney hour because I got to spend time with my friends while singing and listening to my favorite Disney songs,” Wilson said.

Also, miracle child, Marina, made an appearance via Zoom as she explained her story with the John Hopkins Hospital as well as her appreciation for Dance Marathon.

Social media officer, Cassy Pulawski, explains that her favorite part of Dance Marathon was hearing Marina’s speech and being able to appreciate that all the money earned was going to a good cause.

In total, dancers in 2021 earned a total of $17,176.50. This was revealed at the end of the 6-hour event and brought excitement as members saw their success.

Senior officers Amelia Mauerr, Macy Thompson, Eleana Hammond and Sarah Tavares and also the sponsor Catena made Dance Marathon possible this year.

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