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Discovery Academy, Empowering Success!

Julia Hocking ‘22

Discovery Academy is a student partnership to empower and maximize the student’s experience at Riverview High School, using mentors chosen in support of the student's educational needs.

“We will work to accomplish these things by building relationships and focusing on each student’s individual needs” Andrea Abeigon, team member, explains as the program is in place to aid success beyond graduation.

One adult mentor, Jennifer Cottrill, detailed her high school experience with the support of a mentor at the podium of a Discovery Academy event, “As a freshman in high school...Didn’t want to take it seriously, didn’t know what my path was...I never dreamed in a million years that I’d go to college, didn’t think I was cut out for it, didn’t think I’d fit in” Cottrill described her high school years as difficult and different from most, with personal struggles during the four years.

Cottrill’s mentor in high school gave her the courage to further her academic career. She mentioned that now being a mentor she feels, “this is one great way to give back to the community” and finds it “very rewarding” to be able to help students in the approach by which she was once aided.

Mr. Teal, a team member of Discovery Academy, says, “It’s about encouraging each other to keep on moving”.

The following staff members meet with mentees during their planning period: Tim Shaw, Josh Jackson, Joseph Williams, Tommy Watts, and Brendon Knecht.

Everyone involved is making the difference of a lifetime for our students in Sarasota County and more importantly Riverview High!

Discovery Academy is supported by the mentoring agencies Faces of Accomplishment, First Step, and Take Stock in Children.

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