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Excitement coming back to theaters!

The theater has been a symbol of joy and happiness in America ever since 1750 when Broadway

was established. Families were able to escape the harsh reality of early life and be engulfed in the story

being told on stage. With Covid-19, theaters shut down, and the production of most movies has been

halted. Since they have reopened, it is time to get excited because here is what is coming to a theater

near you.

Coming out as soon as Oct. 9, a thrilling action and adventure movie starring Liam Neeson and

Kate Walsh, Honest Thief, is a story about a meticulous bank robber who takes $9 million from small

town banks but tries to get out and settle down with a girl for whom he has fallen. The action spikes

when he is double-crossed, having to get out of a difficult situation alive. From previous films with Liam

Neeson, this is not going to be your typical bank robbing movie. Along with the talented cast and Open

Road Production, Honest Thief will be an excellent movie.

Starting as a character in the comics then hopping to the big screen, all the Avengers and being

seen in all “Captain Americas,” Scarlett Johansson, playing as Black Widow, finally gets her own movie.

The audience was able to piece together parts of how Black Widow became the character in the movies

but there is never a clear picture. All the gaps in her past and questions viewers have about her will all

be answered in Black Widow on Nov. 6. This Marvels Studio produced film, and it is a gripping non-stop

action-packed movie.

James Bond is a world-renowned name that has existed through three generations and going

onto seven actors. The first movie, named Dr. No, came out in 1962. It starred Sean Connery as the first

James Bond. There have been 24 Bond movies made since 1962, which means there is exploration into

new ideas and others renewing the older films for a younger generation. The newest bond actor is

Daniel Craig, premiering as Bond in 2006 in Casino Royal, starting the newest Bond series. Craig has

been in three others following Casino Royal, leading up to the conclusion. No Time to Die will be coming

to theater Nov. 25. This 3-hour finale will conclude the new Bond Series and Daniel Craig’s career as

James Bond. This movie will go down in history so don’t miss the chance to see it in theater.

On July 3 of this year, the movie “Fee Guy” was supposed to come to theater, but because of the

close of theaters, the production company decided to wait until people felt safe to go back to the big

screen. This inconvenience made the anticipation of this movie skyrocket, as the new release date was

not specified. The wait is finally over. Free Guy will premiere on Dec. 11, starring Ryan Reynolds as he

wakes up one day and realizes he is a background character in an open world video game.

The world has gotten a little confusing and a little uncomfortable for all of us, so go to escape

for a few hours to be submerged in one of these exhilarating stories. Go watch a superhero get her start

or an MI-6 agent save the world without the hard work of doing it yourself, and the bonus is a bag of

popcorn in your hands.

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