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Football? In April?

Professional football will not make a return until late August, or so we thought. In April a new football league, the USFL (United States Football League), will kick off with former college players looking to go pro or older NFL players staging a comeback. Two of the most popular players are Shea Patterson (Michigan Panthers) and Jordan Tamu (Tampa Bay Bandits).

Squads released their uniforms last week and it is time to see who stands out from the crowd.


The color combination, reminiscent of Clemson or the Phoenix Suns, just does not work. For both those teams purple is the secondary color. Pittsburgh is putting purple and orange together and the look just does not go.


The Stars could have done more with this color combination. The uniform design is basic, nothing really stands out. However,not using a simple star as the logo was a good choice. The uniform leaves much to be desired. The white away jersey feels like a practice jersey.

#6 New Jersey generals

The league has been in planning for some time and is all the Generals could produce was a basic red and white jersey. Red is the most common and overused color all types of sports teams. However, they move from eight to six based on their logo.

#5 Tampa Bay Bandits

Plain red on a jersey is overused, however the Bandits pull it off by adding silver. The red mesh, grey, and sharp stripes on the pants go perfectly. The shadow numbers on their jerseys are the best in the league by far. No team yet in this list has pulled off a nice away jersey, including Tampa.

#4 Houston Gamblers

The top 4 begins with the Houston Gamblers. The Gamblers got it right with both jerseys sets. Yes, even the away jersey fits this team well and the logo's unique design caps it off. The black-on-black jersey/helmet design earns them a top four spot.

#3 Birmingham Stallions

The Birmingham Stallions were one of the teams that were around during the USFL's first stint from 1983-1985. Stallions' jerseys then resembled the San Fransisco 49ers. However, this go around they have established their own identity. The design is simple, but the color scheme just goes so well. The maroon with the gold stripe by the shoulder patch adds a nice look.

#2 Michigan Panthers

These are amazing. The panthers are again a team who were in the '83-'85 league. This go around, they keep the maroon and gold but add a pop of blue. The home jersey and helmet is incredibly striking. Like with the stallions there is a side stripe where the blue fits perfectly.

The only reason this uniform is not number one is because of the hideous away pants, reminiscent of the Buc's 2005 throwback uniforms. Even with those, this uniform sits right near the top of the rankings.

#1 New Orleans Breakers

At number one is the New Orleans Breakers. Finally, a uniform that is not red! But its not just hate for red that gave New Orleans number one, do not the only other jersey with no red ranked last.

The color design fits well on both jerseys. This is by far the best away jersey. Adding the additional light blue elevates the uniform design above the other's in the league. Also, the logo is superbly displayed on the helmet. That is why the Breakers deserve the crown.

The league will begin April 16th between the New Jersey Generals and the Birmingham Stallions with the rest of the schedule not yet announced. Games will be split between Fox, FS1, NBC, and USA Networks. All games will be played in Birmingham for the league's regular season with hopes to have the teams play in their home states and cities next year. The conference finals are scheduled for June 25th and the championship July 3rd in Ohio.

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