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From Astronomy to a Good Ole game of Volley

From stars to spikes, Mr. Jason Mocherman has a significant presence at our school. When asked what his favorite part of teaching was, Mocherman responded by saying that he loves “hanging out” with his students and directing the planetarium.

Currently, he is engaged in his twenty-second year here at Riverview, but teaching isn't all he has planned for his future. Mocherman plans to later retire, relax with family, and travel as much as possible!

When asked to list a few activities he enjoys outside of teaching at Riverview High School, Mocherman shared that he enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, mountain biking, and running a sleep-away summer camp in the center of Florida.

Trying to manage his time between his two passions, coaching and teaching, Mocherman at first became stressed with the workload. Over the years, however, Mocherman has developed skills in order to keep the work load manageable and as stress-free as possible!

“I use time management skills that I have built up over the years and a good, organized calander to keep not only myself but also my players on track,” Mocherman explained.

While he does his best to keep his players and students on track, it is a whole other level to keep himself on track.

“No video games!” says Mocherman to himself. “I try to manage my time well, and not waste it on games.”

Adding on to his future aspirations, Mocherman would have become an architect if he had not pursued his dreams of teaching. Mocherman explains his love for building and organizing in his own way. One of Mocherman’s favorite architect moments was when he broke down and rebuilt certain areas of his own home.

Personal goals Mocherman plans to accomplish in the future include traveling to Australia, seeing new sights such as kangaroos, and visiting his children in college.


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