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Riverview High School’s clinical nurse, Haley Coles, strives to keep teenagers healthy. Coles loves working with the students at Riverview and explains how privileged she feels to do what she loves.

Coles explains the role of her job has changed due to the impact of COVID. She states “My specific job roles are to help support the RN and to take care of the children who walk into the clinic. The last two years due to COVID, my role has been a little different, I handle all the COVID reports and manage the kids who return to campus.” Despite this, Coles explains that it is her “passion to help others in need.” She feels “passionate about helping those navigating it.”

Additionally, Coles talks about her personal goals and professional goals. She states that her professional goal is to attain her bachelor’s degree, and her long-term goal is to go back to school for a degree in nursing. As for her personal goal, she shared that it is to watch her three-year-old daughter start her own journey in the school system.

Coles and her family enjoy the outdoors and love off-roading with their Jeep and SXS (an off-road vehicle), leisure activities that she enjoys out of the school environment.

Coles is an outstanding clinical nurse who has taken on much weight due to her job, especially during the 2021-2022 school year. She has undertaken the stress of COVID, and the responsibilities of having a family. Although times of illness might be difficult for her, Coles says that she loves the staff and the students, as they are the best part of working here at RHS.


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