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How to Cope with Mental Health During the School Year

Abbie Martin ‘23


Many students and teachers struggle with mental health in their everyday lives. It can be especially challenging during the school year to focus on studies and school assignments while dealing with these struggles. Here are some ways to cope and help maintain focus through those obstacles.

There are many steps students can take when looking after their own mental health. Focusing on well-being can be a strong foundation for keeping a positive mental health. For example, keeping active and physically fit, eating nutritious foods, and taking the time for breaks and quality sleep.

In addition to protecting one's well-being, students can place energy on managing stresses and anxiety for a better mental health. There are small things everyone can do to help reduce the amount of anxiety they are experiencing. Students can use mindfulness or meditation app, such as Calm, or take ten deep breathes when feeling stressed. Creating a new routine or setting boundaries with your phone can help take care of student's mental health or ask a friend to be a support buddy.

Jazzlynn Hirschhorn ‘21 says she likes to rely on hanging out with friends to uplift her spirits.

“Time with friends can be the best medicine for destressing and improving your mental health,” Hirschhorn said. She said that whenever she is feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork or responsibilities, she is always sure to spend time with a friend to help” balance life.”

Students may not always recognize the state of their own mental health; however, Sarasota County Schools recommends resources provided by the Mental Health America Organization to help determine areas on which to work. The Mental Health America Organization recommends free, private, and anonymous mental health screenings. Students can visit to check their symptoms and receive recourses to help them feel better. In 2020, 64% of people screened at risk for mental health had never received treatment or support before. The organization reaches students through Instagram @mentalhealthamericia and offers 24/7 support via text or phone.

Students suffering from mental health may not always recognize their problems. By taking care of their mind and body and utilizing available resources, students can find a healthy balance between mental and school.

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