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Is COVID changing our normal fall season?

As the COVID pandemic continues, students and families are forced to break annual fall

traditions and cherished occasions as they adjust to the new norm of 2020. The battle between

health safety and the need to unite with friends and loved ones during the adored holiday

season will remain a challenge as everyone navigates celebrating the season safety.  

A favorite tradition for Riverview students in the fall season is typically the

Homecoming football game and dance. However, students will not be able to look forward to

those events this year and are left assuming the events are not taking place in the current

state. In past years, Homecoming was a much awaited occasion for all students to kick off the

school year and have some fun with friends. The Homecoming football game will be live-

streamed on Facebook, and students and community members will need to support their

school from home.

A child’s favorite fall holiday of Halloween may not be the same as in past years, and families

will need to adjust their traditions carefully. The city of Los Angeles has officially cancelled the

“door-to-door and car-to-car” Halloween trick-or-treat tradition, disappointing children

throughout the city. Our local families must consider the evening and what health risks may be

brought with gathering candy from so many households. According to FOX News, nearly 25% of

Americans plan to participate in Trick-or-Treating this year.

Other fall holidays that will look different this year are Thanksgiving and Black Friday, as social

gathering sizes are limited, and retail stores are adjusting. The annual adventure of heading out

after Thanksgiving dinner to shop the super deals will be broken this year for families. Major

retailer Target invites guests to “kick back, relax and enjoy a long nap after you finish that last

piece of Thanksgiving turkey,” ( since their stores will be closed on

Thanksgiving. Black Friday deals are said to start online and be available all holiday season.

Sara Gabriel ’23 is not about to let COVID ruin her special celebrations.

“This holiday season sure is going to be different from last year. I personally loved going shopping for

the big sales with my family but this year we can’t do that. However, I’m not going to let this pandemic

stop the normal memories I cherish each year with my family,” Gabriel said.

Overall, annual fall occasions in 2020 will still take place but in different ways. Student and families will

need to adjust and hope to get back to their normal traditions next year.

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