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Literacy Week brought added fun to reading

Tierney McFadden ‘21


Riverview High School’s annual Literacy Week took place January 25–29, and students and teachers shared some of their favorite literacy pieces all the while having fun doing so.

Literacy Week highlights the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and groups of people. It is extremely important to recognize literature for all that it is in our lives. By holding school contests and encouraging students to read, teachers and staff have done an excellent job of getting students excited for the week.

“I really liked Literacy Week. It was cool to see all of the memes on the Riverview cheerleading account!” said Julia Bowser ’22.

Encouraging students to create a meme about their favorite literary work on Instagram, Riverview Cheerleading held a contest in which students would compete to win a prize. By sharing their posts on Instagram, students would be reposted on the RHS Cheer Instagram and would be entered in the contest. Even though the winners have yet to be announced, results should soon be coming.

“We started reading The Night Circus in my English class during Literacy Week. So far, I really enjoy the book and am glad we started reading it,” said Nick Guzzo ’22.

Literacy Week is celebrated across the globe and is vitally important. Teachers encouraged more reading and even showed some students what they were currently reading this past week. All of Riverview students’ memes were exciting to see and very clever. Hopefully next year more memes will be posted, and the competition will be just as fierce if not tougher.

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