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Longest Human Tunnel Travelled through by a Skateboarding Dog

Lisette Lint

Otto set the record of skating through the legs of thirty people in his hometown of Lima, Peru. As stated by Guinness World Records, each person creating the tunnel stood facing the same direction with their feet apart, allowing Otto to pass underneath, without interference.

This talented pup is a three-year-old English bulldog that lives with his two owners, Luciana Vale and Robert Rickards. Before the two adopted Otto, they saw a video of a bulldog skateboarding and were inspired to acquire one of their own. Not long after adopting him, the adorable puppy was performing all sorts of tricks such as surfing, playing football, and of course skating.

Interestingly, Otto is not the only skateboarding dog in his family, as he also lives with his best friend Lola, with which he enjoys fun “doggy” pastimes, including eating, playing, and napping.

Vale saw her dog racing towards her so fast on the board one day that she didn’t have time to move out of the way. She later opened her legs just far enough for him to glide under; this was how Luciana devised the idea of the human tunnel.

Since setting this record, Otto has been featured on his Facebook account and has made many friends. In December 2015, he was even nominated for the World Dog Awards in the 'Hot Dog' of the year category. Vale explains that Otto’s skills developed naturally and that he never saw anyone skating before. She also claims that he was never given treats like food to learn the sport.

Since becoming a Guinness World Records title holder, Otto has used his fame and talent to support organizations that promote adopting homeless animals and raising awareness of responsible pet ownership. He and his family have also become involved with charities that help disadvantaged people, like children with cancer. Another opportunity that was offered from his fame was being recently featured in an advertisement for a Swiss high-visibility clothing brand; here, he showed off his skills on a skateboard with glowing wheels.

Otto is a loving and adventurous dog that inspires others to try new, fun pastimes that may seem too difficult. He continues to impress people with his record-breaking skills and is learning new tricks to this day.

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