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Math/computer science teacher loves water sports, exploring

Beth Rueger, math and computer science teacher in Rm. 5-247 is a woman of many hobbies, including teaching, learning, boating, waterskiing and exploring.

Rueger loves to boat. At 14 she learned to waterski, and it quickly excelled to higher levels. She then went on to become a waterskiing instructor, which was her summer job from ages 16-22. While working there, she learned how to drive a boat. While going to college, she was on her school’s waterski team, and she met new people and made a lot of new friends.

Although she doesn’t remember the inspiration or interactions on how she became a boater, Rueger has been supported throughout her whole journey. Not only has she gotten her boater’s license in Florida, but she also has one for the Washington, DC area. Rueger explained that she was previously involved with various boating clubs, including ones near Lake Lanier in Georgia and Potomac in the Washington, DC area.

The math teacher explained that what makes boating so enjoyable for her is “the feeling that you never know what you are going to see when you are out on the water.” Not only is boating exciting, it is also relaxing and eases stress.

“It makes me a better teacher,” Rueger said. Boating has propelled her into earning other certifications, like off-shore rating. She has a monthly fee to be a member of the boat club and then the cost of gas.

She adds that If you own a boat, there are additional expenses such as maintenance, insurance, storage or dockage, and “a lot of work!”

Continuing to remain a safe boater, ensuring that everyone with her has a good time on the water, is important to her, she said.

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