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Mountain Biking with Mocherman

Katherine Kelley ‘24


Here at Riverview High School, staff and faculty have very unique hobbies. Astronomy teacher Jason Mocherman has a very interesting hobby--mountain biking!

Mocherman started his hobby about 20 years ago. Mountain biking is very scenic, fun and enjoyable for him. He enjoys finding beautiful trails in the mountains, but finds mountain biking challenging, which is one of the reasons he loves it.

“The uphill is brutal in the mountains, but the downhill is exhilarating, if not dangerous,” he said.

To find the trails, Mocherman has traveled throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

As expected, you have to be physically fit for mountain biking, so Mocherman said he works out to get in shape. Luckily, he has his son, Clay, who is also into mountain biking and keeps him motivated.

Surprisingly, mountain biking is an expensive sport. All of the necessary equipment could cost thousands of dollars. He said that most of Mocherman’s brand new bikes have cost anywhere between $1,500 - $3,500. All of the bikes and necessary gear are stored in the third section of his garage.

As time goes by, Mocherman still wants to bike the trails and enjoy the outdoors. Mountain biking makes Mocherman happy.

“Happy teacher = happy classroom,” he added.

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