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Nancy BBQ closing downtown Sarasota restaurant

Fresh pulled pork, tender brisket, creamy mac and cheese, fluffy rolls, and a big smile is what is soon going to be lost in Sarasota. The amazingly delicious Nancy’s barbeque is shutting down its shop in downtown Sarasota Oct. 31.

This small business, established in 2011, was started and is owned by Riverview graduate Nancy Krohngold. With booming business from the start and the word of mouth suggestions of the new BBQ Store on the block contagiously spreading through Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, she soon expanded her business plan. Seeing the growing demand, catering parties started to be a large part of Nancy’s. Brining containers of all the mouthwatering food that is made fresh in her restaurant to liven the party and fill the bellies of the guests explains why catering was another success making Nancy’s popularity soar.

The close of her downtown store is so timed because the lease on Nancy’s was going to run out in November. Krohngold wanted to expand her shop in a different part of downtown once the lease was up, but Covid-19 and other external factors made Krohngold decide to occupy her secondary location In Lakewood Ranch instead.

“Nancy’s is always my go-to barbecue shop. I always get two pulled pork sandwiches and a double side of the mac and cheese. Their food will be missed in Sarasota,” said by George Brimingham ‘21.

Equipped with a full bar and open seven days a week, the Lakewood Ranch location will be able to support the extra business being funneled to it after the close of the downtown store. Krohngold still has plans to reopen a downtown store when the time is right.

While the extra drive time to go to Lakewood Rach is well worth it for some of the best barbeque, it is not the same. The wait will be a little longer, the anticipation a little greater, but the same flavorsome food awaits.

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