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New shows with the latest and upcoming episodes

Abbie Martin ‘23

Staff Writer

The popular streaming platforms Netflix and Hulu continue to add new series and seasons to their

current lineup. Some of the trending shows are the newest additions to their platform.

Cruel Summer is a newest popular show that just came out on Hulu. A new episode airs every Tuesday

on the platform. Cruel Summer is an American drama teen thriller and is a show told over the course of

three summers in the early 1990s. It tells a story of a popular high school student that goes missing and

another girl who mysteriously steps in and takes over her life.

“I am super excited about the new episodes every Tuesday on the show called Cruel Summer,” Teagan

King ’23 said. She also said that she loves that show, and it always leaves her questioning and

anticipating what will happen next.

The other popular platform Netflix just added new episodes to their well-liked show called Circle. The

well-liked show is a competition and a social experiment where online players flirt and catfish their way

towards the grand prize of $100,000. The Circle is a complicated game of strategy, manipulation,

relationship building, eliminations, surprise twist and popularity. At the end of the game, the contestant

wins the grand prize for being the most popular contestant.

Another show that is popular on Netflix is Bridgerton. Netflix will be releasing Season 2 in 2021.

Bridgerton is a show about a powerful Bridgerton family’s attempt to find love and happiness in London

high society. Bridgerton is also inspired by Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels.

Jazzlynn Hirschhorn ’23 said she is really looking forward to the new entertainment on television’s

Netflix and Hulu.

“I am stoked about all the upcoming shows. I am excited to watch some of the newer shows, too, with

their latest episodes. However, I am mostly excited about the upcoming release on the show

Bridgerton,” she said.

Overall, the popular platforms are coming out with new exciting episodes soon for viewers of all ages to

enjoy. Each platform continues to create engaging shows that keep audiences anticipating episode and

season releases and guarantee the platform’s success for years to come.

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