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Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping among freshmen

McKenzie Miller ‘24


Pizza is a well-known fan favorite amongst many people, but especially teens.

A survey taken on Riverview High School’s ninth graders showed that the most popular pizza topping was pepperoni.

Pepperoni is a very common pizza topping with many people, and it is also the most used pizza topping ,so it is not surprising that it was favorite topping amongst freshmen. Even still, not all meat lovers favor pepperoni.

Nicole Sarris ’24 reported that her favorite pizza topping is meatballs. Sarris said “My family and I like to try different and unique things. Meatballs on pizza are normal to me!”

The second favorite pizza topping amongst ninth graders is bacon. That is not very surprising since bacon is a very popular food in general.

One of the most controversial pizza toppings that is known is pineapple. What do the RHS ninth graders think about pineapple on pizza?

Juliana Epes ’24 was asked about her opinions on pineapple on pizza and she simply said, “I hate pineapple on pizza.”

Something else that relates with pizza is stuffed crust. No, it is not a pizza topping but people still have their opinions on whether or not they like it.

One person who has an opinion on stuffed crust pizza is Samantha Liebenberg ‘24. She said “Stuffed crust pizza is okay, but I prefer the normal crust.”

Pizza is such a popular food. Many people have different views and opinions on what their favorite pizza is. And, while some say teenagers include too much pizza in their diet, consider these slices of pizza trivia from Eat This, Not That!:

  • Each day, about 13% of Americans are eating pizza.

  • It was World War II soldiers who brought the pizza craze to America, after they enjoyed eating the food while stationed in Italy.

  • The more pizza Americans eat, the more cheese in their diet. Cheese consumption has increased 41% in the past 25 years.

  • But, here’s the good news: pizza gives Americans more than half their daily lycopene requirement.

  • There’s no delivery to space, which might be why NASA funded a 3-D printer that actually prints out edible pies with all of the toppings for hungry astronauts.

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