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Playing football during a pandemic

Playing football at a time where everyone is trying to be socially distanced is a very tricky situation.

Luckily the players are just happy to be playing--so many of them are staying motivated even though it is not what they are used to.

One big thing that has changed is that after the games, the two teams are not allowed to shake hands because they want to get rid of any extra amount of touching other than the game itself.

Right now, many of the high school teams are having a difficult time filling out empty spots, so the game schedules have been very confusing for the coaches and players.

Over the summer, not very many people were out because of COVID, so the summer practices were not heavily impacted.

Even though everything has been pretty scrambled lately, the football team still has some great players.

One of those is Ally Kukanza ’21, the kicker for the junior varsity and Varsity teams. Ally got her start playing soccer player and wanted to try out football.

While Kukanza might be a standout as the only female on the teams, and she does get the girls’ lockerroom all to herself, still she insists on being treated the same way as all other football players.

Her outstanding record tells the rest of the story, and now she is heading to post-season games.

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