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Prom exceeds expectations for class of 2021

Lili Wortmann ‘21

Staff Writer

As students gathered at the lobby of Hyatt Regency hotel in their fancy dresses and nicely cleaned and

pressed suits, they were waiting for the doors to open and begin the night that they would remember

for years to come. The constant wonder and nervousness of whether a 2021 Prom would happen

disappeared the minute they walked into a large room with twinkling lights hanging overhead and pretty

Alice in Wonderland-themed centerpieces on all the tables.

By the first appetizer, which was a spinach salad with strawberries, students were laughing and enjoying

their night, but instead of dancing like most years, the seniors of 2021 had a picture booth, karaoke and

the anticipation of who won Prom king and queen to occupy most of the night.

During karaoke, the students were served filet minion with potatoes and carrots as the main dish and

cheesecake to end the night. Then the king and queen of senior court, Will Evan and Anabella Burns

were able to slow dance along with Senior Board sponsor Josh Mocherman and his wife to celebrate all

their work in creating a special event for the seniors.

Prom queen Burns said that she when she won Queen it was “unimaginable.”

“It feels unreal, and I feel like I’m in a dream. You know it happens in movies, but you never think it is

going to happen to you, especially because of my disability. I feel like people tend to not accept me the

way I am, but being crowned Prom queen made me feel like part of a special family that accepts me for

who I am,” she said.

Burns also wanted to tell Riverview seniors and future students “to stay true to yourself and believe that

magic happens.”

“You guys are all part of making Prom magic happen for me. You created a night in my life that I will

never forget,” she added.

Serina Bezi ’21 also said, “I wasn’t expecting to have so much fun, but being there with all my friends

really made it special although I do wish the music choice was better.”

The majority of students were happy with the night they got and said that even though Prom was

restricted they still had fun. Senior Elisabeth Torres said that “karaoke was the best part.”

“I went up with my friends and let loose, and we sang our hearts out while everyone in the crowd sang

too.”She went on to say “it was the best night of my life, with friends, in an amazing banquet hall, great

food, and the photo was to die for. I wouldn’t have wished it any other way.”

As everyone left Prom, many students had happiness on their faces and were filled with gratitude

towards Riverview for allowing them such a magical night, one that allowed them to leave behind the

worries of COVID.

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