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RHS students prefer Spotify for streaming music

Bella Chan ‘24


Music is a way of stress release and relaxation that most enjoy, and the way of streaming music has become quite a debated topic… Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music is a music streaming service that allows the user to listen to over 50 million songs. Of course, it comes downloaded on the Apple iPhone, but a fee of $9.99 is charged to an account each week. The listener must have an account to listen.

“Spotify is the better choice because you can listen for free. You just have to watch a few ads now and then,” said Victoria Saah ’25.

Continuing, Spotify is another very popular service that has over 35 million songs, and is also $9.99 per month. As Saah said, with Spotify one can listen for free, but the listener does have to watch quite a few ads every 30 minutes.

“Spotify is better if you don’t know any music, and Apple is better if you know what you want to listen to,” said Carmella Swenki ’24.

Additionally, Spotify creates personalized playlists and provides songs based on recent listenings, which makes it much more ideal for the majority of people asked. In fact, 25% of people who choose Spotify agreed with Swenki and said Spotify gave more suggestions on what to listen to.

“Spotify offers a huge variety of podcasts to listen to, which makes it much more appealing,” said Piper Chan ’22. Fifteen percent of Spotify users agreed with Chan and said that Apple music does not have many podcasts worth listening to.

“Apple Music is super cluttered and hard to maneuver, and Spotify is so much easier to navigate,” said Norah Logan ’24. Sixty percent of Spotify choosers chose it for this reason and agree with Logan.

Overall, out of a hundred teenagers asked, 68% argued that Spotify was the better choice, while 32% argued in favor of Apple Music.

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