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Rivalry Week against Sarasota shows Rams are not chicken, but they certainly like it

The rivalry between Sarasota High School and Riverview High School has been alive for the past 60 years. The two schools have shown in many ways through chants and posters, how their school is ‘better’ than the other. In every sport at RHS, the game against Sarasota is always a must-see.

The tensions were high between SHS and RHS this past week, because of the “trash talk” taking place from the Sailors. They had posters that read “If only Riverview could win as many games as they have corona cases” and “Ram Chop”. Now, these may have been clever, but the Ram Fam did not take these hits lightly. Ram Nation decided to take the high road and settle this dispute on the football field.

Since this year is so different from the others in the past, cheerleaders were not able to have their annual Ram Jam that usually takes place on the day of the game during sixth and seventh periods. This event always gets the students hyped up for the big game and involves them with the school’s spirit.

Instead, Riverview’s staff and students made sure to wear all black on Friday as they “Mourned the Sailors.” This helped the campus show its Rammy pride and get excited for this rivalry game.

Another way Ram Nation showed their spirit was at PDQ. The cheerleaders at both RHS and SHS were in charge of decorating one half of PDQ in as much school pride as possible. There were banners, balloons and streamers hung up throughout the entire restaurant. Throughout the week, when people went to eat at PDQ, if they were to mention one of the schools to the cashier, then that school would get a tally put by their name. The school with the most tallies at the end of the week got a major portion of the sales put into their account! Of course, Rams came out on top and won the contest. Riverview owes huge thanks to PDQ for pairing up with them and to the Ram Nation for earning these funds for the school.

After a memorable battle between the two football teams, the rivalry proclaimed its victor as the Rams defeated the Sailors 28-7 on Nov. 6. This game marked nine years straight of Riverview victory against Sarasota. There really was no doubt that the Rams wouldn’t take the “W,” but as the daily reminder that day foreshadowed, the Rams did “Sink the Sailors.”

Bonus question: Where did the tradition of period-by-period “Sink the Sailors” announcements originate? For that, students should thank retired dean of students Don Page, who would interrupt classes throughout the day in the 80s and 90s to stir up some spirit over the public address system.

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