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Riverview's Fall Festival

Hailey Carmichael '23

In keeping up with the Halloween season, Riverview is hosting its annual fall festival. The event will be held Oct. 21, this Thursday, from 5:00-7:00 pm. Most of the activities will be located in the school’s spacious courtyard. There will be no entrance fee, however each game stall will have their own individual prices. There is no dress code, however costumes are optional and appreciated.

Each game stall will be run by club members of their respected clubs/activities and all funds earned by each game stall will go to that club. Pricing typically ranges from $1.00-$5.00 however this can vary depending on club decisions.

Alongside the game stalls, a Haunted house run by the theater department is going to be held in the RPAC

. Entrance fee to this will be $5.00 per person.

This event is a Fundraiser for the Riverview Theater department, and all funds from the haunted house will be going to supporting the theater group. No food will be available besides candy from the game stalls so eat beforehand. Invite friends and Family to this exciting event and have a great time!

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