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S4S club offers perfect Mother’s Day gifts as fund raiser

Isabelle Lima ‘21


Mother's day is coming up, and many people around campus are wondering what to give to their mothers. If they are stuck on what to give to their mothers, this might be the perfect opportunity for them!

The Students for Sustainability (S4S) club is having a fundraiser for LED light installations, for which they are selling Mother's Day presents. These include greeting cards made from 100% recycled paper, native Swamp and Butterfly Milkweeds.

Students can buy these for $5 each in Rm. 5-316, either during 6E lunch or every Thursday after school.

Angela Perez-Cruz, president of the S4S club, and Dan Faubel, faculty sponsor of the S4S club, say that they "hope that students will choose to make their mothers feel special by purchasing either a plant and or card."

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