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Senior launches service event to pave way for UF education

Lili Wortmann ‘21


As the year comes to an end, many Riverview High school students are working hard to receive as many scholarships as they can to help with financial stress. One student, Alexis Brotherton ’21, has found a perfect way to help the community and gain the opportunity to apply for a special scholarship by asking students to participate in her service-learning project. The project will benefit both the students and Brotherton, as it gives her the possibility to win a wonderful scholarship that will help her plans, which are to attend the University of Florida in the fall.

The project consists of learning about the environment and allowing students to interact with some farm animals like cows, pigs, donkeys and chickens. The March 6 event, which runs from 1-3 p.m. at 4520 Lago Way in Sarasota and will be a fun experience that will hopefully excite students to want to become even more interested in agriculture and in their local communities.

When asked the purpose of the service-learning project, Brotherton said, “Its purpose is to educate students on agriculture and its importance.” She also said that “the scholarship was perfect timing because I have wanted to do something like this for a while.” Brotherton felt that this project will give the students the possibility to see another side to their community that they may have thought boring or not fun.

Brotherton said that “some of the lessons taught are based on my prior survey,” which consisted of questions that asked students what they know about agriculture. She describes the event by saying, “there will be people at each station with each type of animal to answer questions, and there will be an educational booth that I will be at, with illustration and demonstration,” she said.

When asked how many students Brotherton thinks will come, she said that, “I have invited six different schools to attend, including elementary, middle and high schools.” As some students may see, she has also put flyers around the school trying to encourage more people to go.

Brotherton hopes that her hard work will pay off and that both students will learn and become more involved in the environment. She also hopes that her project will allow her the chance to attend UF with significantly less worry and further her education in agriculture.

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