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Senior Year Excitement

Trista Smith ‘24

Senior Year is the year we have all looked forward to since stepping into kindergarten. As a 12th grader you're at the top of the pyramid. Exciting events happen throughout senior year. These activities include prom, homecoming, senior skip days (unofficial of course!), grad bash and so much more.

Prom can be the most anticipated event that comes with senior year. Prom

is at the end of the year, just before graduation. Riverview High School's prom in previous years has been held at The Hyatt. The senior board will choose the theme of prom, as well as other details.

Grad Bash is something almost every Florida high school takes part in. Universal Studios will close the park and invite every high school senior throughout the state for a day of fun. Students will spend most of the night around the park, riding rides, and enjoying the theme park with their friends. It is a chance to be surrounded by fellow seniors with no lines for any of the rides.

Applying to colleges is one of the most important tasks in senior year. It requires a lot of time, energy and planning. Growing up you might have your eyes set on a college you want to attend, but there are many questions that come up during this process. What happens if you don't get accepted into your college? What if it turns out to be too expensive. The college application process is about finding a place to call home, as well as making a decision that might determine where your future could take you.

Graduation is the ultimate goal that you’ve looked forward to your whole school

career. The moment you walk that stage, the moment you switch your tassel,

the moment you throw your cap in the air, will be some of the most exciting, the most awaited, the most memorable moments of your entire life


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