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Stockhill’s world travels enhance her classroom instruction

Even though it’s hard for students to believe, teachers do in fact have a life outside of school, and the Pre-IB Biology teacher Michaela Stockhill travels all over the world.

Her passion for traveling and experiencing the world around her has taken her to 31 countries and every continent except Antarctica.

This passion began on her first trip abroad in May, 2011, for a study abroad trip in Spain. Since then, one of her most notable trips was to Mozambique, where she was a Peace Corps volunteer. During the “school days,” she taught English, and on her off days, she enjoyed the life of a local, trying all types of new foods, and learning about their unique culture.

“Everywhere you go, there is something new to discover. A lot of the world’s history is very rich, and I love to see that when I visit new places,” said Stockhill.

To enhance her adventures even-more, Stockhill takes public transit and even hitchhikes with locals to not only save money but to experience the culture completely.

During the school days, Stockhill saves up her money so she can go on a new adventure every break. The typical costs for her to do so are airfare, transportation within the country, hotels, food, activities and souvenirs.

Stockhill is looking forward to traveling to Israel, Egypt and Jordan with her family once Covid-19 has settled down.

Until then, she will use her travel experience to offer a different perspective about the world to her students and teach them that “everywhere you go, there is something new to discover.”

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