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The Bachelor is a wrap with shocking news

Tierney McFadden ‘ 22


The Bachelor season finale wrapped up just a few weeks ago with a shocking end and surprised all of Bachelor Nation with the newest Bachelorette for the upcoming season.

Contrary to popular belief, it was revealed that Matt James, the NFL superstar and Bachelor role model, was not ready for marriage at the end of the season. As production began to wrap up, and James was narrowing down the women, he concluded that marriage was not his final outcome. Bachelor Nation was pretty disappointed with the decision, but it still has high hopes for James and his future.

Confessing his love for the 24-year-old Rachael Kirkconnell, James and Kirkconnell supposedly made the decision to stay together after the show but hold off marriage until further notice. After a scandal broke involving Kirkconnell and racist acts, the final episode of the season, “After the Final Rose” revealed that James had broken up with Kirkconnell amid her racism controversy.

When the episode “After the Final Rose” was aired, the audience got to take a closer look into the feeling of the runner-up in James’ season, Michelle Young. The newest Bachelor and Bachelorette host, Emmanuel Acho, conducted an interview with Young as she expressed the way she felt about James and the season’s dramatic end. She revealed some future hopes and dreams she wishes to accomplish, and it is now evident that Bachelor Nation loves her!

Acho revealed the newest Bachelorette for the upcoming season and to Bachelor Nation’s surprise, there will be not only one, but two Bachelorettes in the year 2021! In summer, expect Katie Thurston’s season followed by Young’s in fall. It is no surprise that the newest Bachelorettes were chosen due to their communication skills and all-around personality. Thurston emerged as a strong, confident woman who spoke her mind and spoke up against negativity during the show. People everywhere fell in love with Michelle Young as she navigated her way through this journey.

Bachelor Nation is sure to expect some exciting seasons in the next year and has high hopes for Thurston and Young as the two go on this journey to find love!

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