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The Friendly Face Keeping Riverview Safe

Officer Justin Woodworth, a Riverview High School resource officer, veteran, and father, is one of the key elements to keeping our school safe, but there's more behind that badge and friendly smile.

Every day Woodworth can be found responding to security issues on campus or assisting with medical emergencies. Woodworth told the Rampage how one of his most cherished duties is developing relationships and interacting with students on campus.

While he enjoys interacting with young adults, he also asserts the advantage of building relationships. “If they [the kids] get comfortable with you, they are more likely to tell you if something is wrong”, claimed Woodworth.

Woodworth hasn’t always been in law enforcement; he also served his country in the military. Woodworth was in the U.S. Navy for four years.

After his service, he pursued a career in law enforcement. He feels driven, and is passionate about what he does now, even claiming “it takes a special drive to work in this environment.” As Woodworth comes from a family of educators, it's no surprise he took up a career serving his community and keeping youth safe within the school system.

Woodworth's family includes three children with whom he enjoys spending time and watching them grow. Woodworth loves the outdoors, often venturing outside to fish, relieve stress, or work on his skills at the range.

Looking ahead, Woodworth has future plans, although he enjoys his current situation. He plans to advance in SCSPD (Sarasota County Schools Police Department) and become a detective. He also wants to see his children graduate and be successful in life. Once he has accomplished these, he anticipates retiring.


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