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The Rams Keep the Streak Alive!

Addison Ruscoe '23

Sports Writer

The Rams came into Friday's matchup against cross town rival Sarasota Sailors with a nine year winning streak. A nine year streak that totaled 3,626 days. Rams starting WR Charles Lester was in Kindergarten the last time the Sailors beat the Rams.

Going into this game there was a different feel, even more important than prior years. Why? Well for one, it’s now a district game, and district games decide whether a team makes the playoffs. On top of that, Sarasota talked a lot before this game.

I mean a lot. Coach Smithers had this to say:

“Sarasota kinda lit the fire. They have been tagging me in a bunch of posts on twitter and its got the players ready to send a message.”

A message was sent. After a quiet first quarter a bad snap on a punt set, the Rams started their drive at the eleven yard line and capitalized with Jayden Birch bunching it in for six. Birch ended the night with three touchdown scores, adding to his team leading season total of nine.

Sarasota made a threat on the next drive but got stuffed at the rams 20 yard line on fourth and one. The Rams were able to grab to late TD’s to end the half and go up 21-0.

Sarasota's halftime adjustments did not work. They failed to develop a pass game and their run game was stuffed by the Rams defense, a defense which has stopped some of the top running backs in the nation. Quarterback Will Carter connected on the first drive for the Rams with Charles Lester for a 56 yard touchdown pass, icing the game.

The Rams third quarter score brought in the running clock. The Rams won 35-0, lengthening their streak to 10 years.

Riverview, 5-1 on the year, has a bye before their homecoming matchup against Lakewood Ranch, the last game at the Ram Bowl this year.

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