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Toronto raptors in Tampa

Jack Young ‘21


In 2020, the teams for the NBA playoffs were already determined. This makes it an easy decision for the NBA to create a bubble in Orlando where the players had to stay in during the duration of the playoffs. Once the players entered the bubble, they had to eat and sleep there and only were able to see family that was tested negative and was allowed in the bubble. This created a safe environment for the players to play in without worry of getting infected. Zero players contracted COVID-19 during the playoffs.

In this new 2021 season, there are too many teams to create a bubble for everyone to use. The Toronto Raptors are the only NBA team that is outside of the United States. Their team practices and plays in Toronto. Because of the strict travel policies going into Canada and getting back into the United States, the team decided to move down to Florida to play their games for the season.

The Toronto raptors will play their season at the home court of Amelie Arena in Tampa. They will switch off from games with the Tampa Bay Lighting. This gives NBA fans an easy way to watch games that are a lot closer than traveling to Miami or Orlando.

“I have always wanted to see James Harding and Lebron James play in person, and I was able to go when the Raptors played the Lakers,” said George Birmingham ’21.

Before each game, the attendees must download an app on a smart device to complete a Covid-19 safety questionnaire. This includes symptoms within the past 14 days, traveling outside the country, or being in contact with a person that has contacted the virus. At the entrance they will check guests’ temperatures and tickets and then let them in.

The season is only 10 games in for the Raptors, as their record is 2 wins and 8 losses. There are 60 more games that the Toronto raptors will play this season. Not all of them will be at home, so fans should plan accordingly for anyone who wants to see a game.

The drive is short, the games are fun, and the memories are forever.

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