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Vacations take shape in many forms

Mackenzie McLaughlin ‘24


Riverview students were polled on vacation topics. Where they want to go, when and how they would get there. With the information obtained from the poll, one could figure out a student's perfect vacation.

One of the first questions in the poll was asking students about their favorite season. Most students claimed to like winter the most, 58 percent specifically. The runners-up were fall and summer, tied for 16 percent, leaving spring in last with 11 percent. This is probably when they would go on vacation.

Another good thing to have on a trip is snacks. The journey is usually very boring. On the poll there was a large variety of answers, no two alike. This is what students might take on their journeys.

Along with snacks, there needs to be something to do. The most common responses for things to do without WIFI were reading and drawing. There were a few other interesting ones such as, “Stare at a wall,” said by Eva Cardozo-Quinteros ‘24.

Now for the big question, where would these students like to go more than anywhere else in the world? There were a lot of students that said they wanted to travel everywhere, but a few preferred staying closer to home, for instance.

Ellis Madison ‘22 said that she would want to go to “Tennessee.”

However, there's one other thing--how are these students planning on getting to their dream destinations? Based on the poll, 89 percent of people said they would take a plane, while the other two percent said they would take a car.

Now that there's a plan in place, destinations and how they are going to get there, even snacks and games for the journey, there's only one thing missing—funding, unless these students were just lucky enough to snag a winning lottery ticket. When asked what they would do in such a circumstance, most answers were either travel the world, give to charity or save it and use it reasonably. That is, except for a few, who had different plans.

“Buy out Sephora” said Alyssa Murrell ‘24.

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