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Valentine's Day Movies on Netflix

Abbie Martin’23

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, a perfect opportunity to watch a romantic movie with a friend or that special someone. Luckily, there are perfect movies on Netflix right now. So, get ready, and watch these Valentine’s Day movies on the most love filled day of the year!

The Nicholas Sparks movie, the “Lucky One,” is on Netflix in February 2022. In this movie Logan, a U.S Marine, returns home from his third tour in Iraq with a special photograph, one that kept him alive. The photograph of a woman he did not even know leads him to take a job at her family run farm. Eventually the woman, Beth, and Logan fall in love, making this movie one that really encompasses love through hardship.

“One of my all-time favorite romantic movies is the “Lucky One.” I’m excited to watch this movie when it comes to Netflix!” said Makenna Powell ‘23.

Natalie Horáková ‘23 told RamPage “I’m most definitely looking forward to the Valentine’s Day movies that are coming soon to Netflix, no better way to spend the love day, while watching them with your friend or significant other.”

Another movie making its way to Netflix in time for Valentine’s Day is “The Royal Treatment.” This movie follows a salon owner, Isabell, and Prince Thomas. Sparks fly between the two of them, and love is put to the test as his wedding to another woman looms closer.

Netflix’s selection of great romantic movies will be incredible to enjoy on Valentine’s Day with a friend, or even that special someone!

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