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Valentine's Day, Your Way

Madelyn Diago '22

Valentine’s Day is filled with cheesy letters, useless stuffed animals, overpriced jewelry, and low-quality chocolates and is still known and loved by nearly everyone.

As the day of love nears, single people worldwide begin to wallow in self-pity over their lacking love life. Singles Awareness Day, February 15th, is a fun opportunity to take back the day of love as one’s own!

Here are ways to celebrate Valentine’s-single style!

1. Fan of sweet indulgences?

On singles awareness day, Walmart, Target, and Publix will have all the candy one could want for a discounted price.

2. Spa Day!

Take a day for a sensual treat. A massage, facial, or pedicure is very relaxing.

3. Good Riddance Bonfire

Still have old ex’s gifts laying around? Set up a bonfire and throw them right on in to fuel the fire! It's scientifically proven when fire disintegrate gifts from old exs, all toxins are released from the one’s body.

4. Couple Watching

People watching is a classic way to stay entertained in public. Go to a restaurant, alone, or with a friend, and create complete storylines for the others in the room. Making fun of the lovey-dovey couples will always be a joy!

5. She Said Yes!

Get with a single best friend and devise a plan to propose in public. Grab all the attention and make a laughable scene to look back on. Maybe even get a free dessert to celebrate the engagement!

Singles worldwide are taking part in the Anti-Valentine’s Day movement and participating in activities to lift their spirits. Happy Valentine’s to all!

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