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What’s going on around school?

Jack Young ‘21


Riverview is always trying to create systems to keep all the students in order and to give students reasons to be on their best behavior. Some of these systems have worked and some have not. Thanks to Michael McGuckin and Ashley Hernandez, there will soon be another attempt to implement a new system called Ram4.

This is a positive behavior reinforcer that helps the school become a safer and distraction-free learning environment. Ram4 stands for Respect, Readiness, Responsibility and Resilience--the characteristics that the school wants to instill in the students. The Ram4 system is still in construction and will not be used until the fall of 2021.

For any seniors that are wanting to have a Story Wall for themselves, they are on sale now. A Story Wall will create a more memorable senior year with a tribute to show the end of high school. The story wall has been a tradition at Riverview for many years.

The banners cost $100, and all the money goes to the Riverview Foundation, which is a huge part of the amazing services provided at Riverview, like providing tutoring, paying for the fantastic technology students have access to, building the school’s planetarium, travel grants, scholarships and clothes and food for any student who needs them.

The banners will be sold on the RHS foundation website. With a simple requirement of a photo, name, and contact information the process is simple. The banners will be hung in the breezeway for the whole school to see.

The end of the third quarter is coming up on April 7, which only gives students a short amount of time to get all of their work in and to fix any unexcused absences they have in attendance. That Thursday and Friday, April 8-9, will be professional days, giving teachers time to input all of the grades and giving students a four-day weekend.

Keep the tradition going and support the RHS Foundation and buy a story wall. Also finish the year strong and don’t give up when the end is so close. Keep the grades up and spirits high.


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