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What superhero power is the most popular?

Hailey Harford / Aubrie Malone

People are always asked if they could have a superpower what would it be, so a poll was conducted to see what superpower was actually the most wanted.

The list of powers included:

  • · Invisibility

  • · Flying

  • · Super speed

  • · Super strength

  • · Read minds

  • · Shape shift

  • · Teleportation

Most people have seen super heroes in books or movies since they were little, and all had probably dreamed of becoming one someday. Given the chance to become a superhero what power would they pick if they only could get one?

Surprisingly, the most-wanted power is a tie among four of the powers. The tie was with flying, reading minds, teleportation, and shape shifting, with seven votes each.

Super speed was right behind them with five votes, invisibility had one vote and super strength trailed in last place with zero votes.

Many of the people chose their power because they knew it would give them the ability to help people in need. The most common powers people said they would help people with are flying, teleportation and super speed.

Latifa Salieva ‘24, chose teleportation and said that she would use her power “to help donate things to countries in need.”

A lot of people also said that they would pick a power like mind reading to tell if people are telling the truth, either in their everyday life or to get criminals to confess.

Allysen Byerley ’24, choose reading minds as her power.

“I chose that power because I want to know how people truly feel, because many people say things they don’t mean,” Byerley said.

Of course, there were people who chose their power because it would just be flat out fun to have it.

Tala Stuart ‘24 said that by having shape-shifting powers she would “be doing the world a service by looking super cool.

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