What Riverview was doing for the statewide "Literacy Week" event

February 6, 2019

Literacy Week is a statewide event held annually to create awareness and increase reading in schools. Riverview participated in this event beyond the expectations that were set, and English classes were not the only ones involved.


Free Little Libraries were built by IBCP students and placed all around campus, creating a no-cost book exchange that brought numerous novels to be made available to any students.


Materials were donated to the program by Hearts Art and AP US History teacher Frank Ourednik. Designs were formulated by student groups for each of the 10 little libraries. Students learned about time management in their groups during their venture of building these libraries and placing them all over campus.


“Whenever I walk by a little library, there are fewer books than the time before, so I think reading is continuing to happen, which is the goal,” said IBPC Coordinator Amy Earl.


Earl’s classes celebrated Literacy Week by listening to books that her daughter, age 2 1/2, enjoys reading. Novels such as Alexander the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Fancy Nany and countless others were enjoyed by students in the opening 10 minutes of class each day.


Other classes, such as Justiniano’s art periods, read at the beginning of the class as well.

Reading is an essential building block in education, and reading for pleasure is a great activity to keep the mind relaxed and creative.

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