MCR classes head out for eagle nest viewing

Beth Rueger and Karen Murphey took their Math for College Readiness classes on a little trip outside to the eagle post near the Ram Bowl Jan. 23.

The students were to look through their clinometer to the top of the post and the string attached to the clinometer would tell them the angle at which they were looking in, as shown to the right with students Jude Shenk, ‘20 and Alex Napiorkowski ‘21.

After they got that measurement, then the teachers would measure their height to cancel out of their equation so as to derive their answer to the height of the perch.

“The students are in the trigonometry unit, studying indirect measuring using trig ratios,” said teacher Karen Murphy.

The students will know if they did their measuring correctly because the teachers have the actual height of the post that they took beforehand using a laser measuring tool. Students will compare their answers to the correct height of the post.

The students enjoyed the experiment because they got to get out of the classroom and go outside and have a little fun.

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