Teacher Feature : Jada Thompson

November 7, 2019


Mrs. Jada Thompson is a Riverview teacher who was also a student at Riverview and was very
active in the Riverview community. She is an extraordinary teacher who loves seeing students succeed.
She first started working as a teacher at Riverview 13 years ago, and it was her first job as a
teacher. She never worked anywhere else besides Riverview. When asked why she decided to work at
Riverview she said, “Riverview was always my first choice, I would have never wanted to work anywhere
Thompson said that her favorite thing about Riverview is her students.
“My students and the relationships with them I have been able to make and keep over the years
is definitely my favorite thing about teaching here. I like to see them get interested in something they
may not have ever heard of before,” she said.
She attended school at three different colleges, Suncoast Technical College, St. Pete College, and
University of Florida. She got her associates of arts degree at STC and then went to St. Pete College to
get her associates of s degree, and finally she attended UF to get her bachelor's degree.
The courses she has taught include Agriculture Education, Aquaculture 2 and 3, Advanced
Concepts of Agriculture, Earth Space Science and Environmental Science. Out of all of those, she does
have her favorites.
“Out of all of those classes, my favorite to teach was Advanced Concepts of Agriculture and
Earth Space Science, because I had taught all of the following classes leading up to that class, so all of
the students I taught in that class were previous students, and I got to watch them go from freshman to

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