Midterms: How you can overcome the stressful week

Midterms take place Jan. 19-22 for all Riverview students, and although this may seem like a stressful time of the year, there are preparations that can help students.

It is important to take midterms seriously, as these tests could have a big impact on semester grades that colleges will analyze. This one test could bring up or drop down your grade significantly, so it is important to take studying into consideration.

There are many methods to studying-- for example, reviewing notes from past chapters that you have forgotten about may help when the concepts that appear on the midterm. It is also important to finish midterm review worksheets or packets that also refresh your mind on old concepts.

“My midterm review packet for math has reminded me of old formulas and methods for solving equations, which will most likely be on my midterm” said Taylor Simone ‘23.

If there is a specific chapter you have struggled on, it may benefit you to spend more time reviewing and going over that concept to help bring a better understanding. If you are still struggling, do not be afraid to ask another student or teacher for guidance.

Madison Castellano ‘23 explains that her psychology class introduced a lot of new vocabulary, so creating flash cards improved her memorization.

It may also help to go to sleep early the night before midterms and to eat a healthy breakfast before school, especially on the half days, when there is no lunch break. Be sure to study accordingly, based on the schedule.

Midterms begin on Tuesday, Jan. 19 starting with eighth period midterm, the following day, Jan. 20, midterms for third and seventh periods take place, Thursday and Friday are half days starting with first and fourth period exams, and then second and eighth periods on Friday. Keep in mind there are 15-minute breaks between midterms on Thursday and Friday.

There will be no school, on Jan. 18 because of MLK day, as well as the following Monday, Jan. 25, for the professional day.

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