Sarasota Students Take On Mask Mandate

Julia Hocking '22

News Editor

Since the Sarasota County Schools mask mandate has been implemented from the Sarasota Schoolboard District meeting that occurred on August 20th, 2021, various schools have been acknowledging the mandate in return with either backlash or good intentions. The new mandate has only been taking effect since August 23rd, with full enforcement to take place on August 30th. Different Schools have taken contrasting sides to the new rule.

While some students have accepted the mask mandate with great comfort like Vivian Doughtery,

“I was wearing a mask anyway, and I think it’s really going to help protect us against COVID...Even though I’m vaccinated, I know that things are spiraling out of control again”

An 8th Grade Brookside Middle School Student affirmed her opinion on the mandate itself in the Herald Tribune.

Another approach to the 90-day policy has been vocalized by an 11th grader from Sarasota High School,

“I’ve struggled with wearing a mask. I know a lot of my friends have, too...I have asthma, so it’s really hard for me”.

Mya Mamazza has also expressed her judgement to bring back virtual learning as an option to those who are unable to wear a mask while in schools along with the mandate.

While the mandate has been slowly taking effect on Sarasota County Schools, it is easy to see the correctness in the statement that,

“One thing is abundantly clear: there is no simple solution”

Superintendent Brennan Asplen mentions to Herald Tribune after the Schoolboard had formed their final decision of the new mask enforcement.

While the district spokesman Craig Maniglia foresees that the masks mandated in schools would be

“treated as a dress-code violation”

Large charter schools such as the Sarasota Military Academy had made it clear that wearing a mask would remain a choice for the two campuses that the school embodies according to Herald Tribune.