2021-2022 Ram-Page Staff

     Hey guys, my name is Brielle Campbell, and it is simply an understatement to say that I am excited to be your Ram-Page Editor- In- Chief this 2021-2022 school year! I have such a passion for the Ram-Page, and have been writing for it since my freshman year. That makes this my fourth year as a member of the Ram Page, and second year as Editor- In- Chief.

      A bit about me: I am a fourth-year varsity cheerleader at Riverview as well as being Vice-President of the class of 2022, which I believe is the best class, however, I definitely do have some bias (I love you seniors). In addition, I am Vice-President of NHS and SNHS, a die-hard Steelers fan, and a huge dog lover.

     Working for the Ram-Page gives me the ability to connect with students, teachers, staff, faculty, and alumni of Riverview in an exciting way, while pursuing my passion for journalism.

      I love my school, and I have an abundance of Ram pride, so it is very exciting for me to write about what makes Riverview so special-whether it be something one of our amazing students has achieved, a sports team victory, or anything in between.

      My priority for this school year, as always, is keeping the Ram Page exciting and relevant so that ALL Riverview students can feel confident that they will always be informed of all of the exciting things going on, while simultaneously feeling in the loop on important school-related information. 

     It is so important to me that the Ram-Page celebrates our school, and all of students who thrive within it, so please send me an email if you have anything you would like us to highlight on our site. 

     Thank you all for checking out the site and as always, go Rams! 


Brielle Campbell '22


Madelyn Diago '22

Sports Editor


     Hey! I’m Madelyn Diago '22 and I am a 12th grader at Riverview High School. This is my second-year writing for the Rampage, and this year the Sports Editor. I have been on the cheerleading team all four years of high school, including freshman team captain, sophomore on varsity, and two-time varsity Captain my junior and senior year. I am an avid tumbler in Tampa at Brandon All-Stars. Aside from cheer, I am a fourth-year varsity lacrosse player and I run hurdles in track and field. I am a part of sports analytics club and I plan on cheering in college. Even though I absolutely love sports, I am a fanatic for the arts. Whether I am drawing, decorating, or designing I always find something creative to do. I have always been a Gator fan and I plan on attending UF in the fall of 2022. I am so excited to be a part of Rampage here at Riverview and to deliver you the amazing sports coverage and inside scoop you deserve! Go Rams and have an amazing day!

     I am Julia Hocking, the editor of the News section of the RamPage. It is exciting to be a part of such a great team of Editors! You should know that I spend most of my time with friends at the beach or pool, or at home with my dog Rocky. I love going to the beach because of the wonderful warm weather here in Florida, the beautiful sunsets, and the great feeling that comes with experiencing Sarasota beaches. I look forward to offering students and staff information about Sarasota and Riverview news. I am a fourth year Riverview Cheerleader, I love being part of the team, and I am passionate about cheering on my Ram athletes! As a varsity senior cheerleader, I appreciate every practice, every chance for team bonding, and every game that we have together. I intend to have a great year as the News Editor of the RamPage!

Julia Hocking '22

News Editor


Alexis Jones '22

Culture Editor


     Hi Rams! I’m Lexi Jones a senior here at Riverview and I’m so beyond excited to be apart of the Rampage this year! This year, I am the Culture Editor for the Rampage and am excited to share stories with all of Ram Nation. Aside from the Rampage I’m involved in many other clubs here at Riverview as well as a member of National Honor Society, Senior Board, Student Council and Vice President of Build On. I love Riverview so much and have so much ram pride! #webleedmaroon. A little bit about me is I’m a huge dog lover, sushi fanatic, retired competitive cheerleader, professional tv show binger, and I love to bake in my free time! While this is my first year working on the Rampage, I’m so excited for what this year will bring and can’t wait to share all things Culture with all of you! As always GO RAMS!

     Hi Rams! My name is Tierney McFadden and I am a second-year writer for the RamPage here at Riverview High School. Last year, I focused my writing on features articles and, as a senior this year, am now the RamPage Features editor! I am a fourth year Riverview cheerleader. I am also involved in many clubs, including serving as National Honor Society’s Secretary and on the Senior Board. I have fun stories in mind for this year, so be on the lookout for articles that may pique your interest! I enjoy writing about the students, faculty, and events here at Riverview. Getting to know many Rams personally, I have learned so much about our wonderful school and what makes it unique. This year, I will continue to make it a priority to publish engaging articles that all Rams can find enjoyment in!

Tierney McFadden '22

Features Editor


Carson Enos '22

Opinion Editor


     My name is Carson Enos '22 and I am a senior at RHS and editor of the opinion section of the Ram Page. I am so excited to be a part of such a great newspaper like the Ram Page. I am a huge fan of sports and I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy all sports and love the feeling of being on edge while watching a big game whether that be here at Riverview or on the television. The past three years on campus here I have been in three different clubs, and I am the treasurer of FBLA. I am so excited to bring this year’s news to the students and teachers of Riverview whether it is of news occurring here at RHS or around Florida. I’m so excited to work with the Ram Page news team and have a great year.

Hi! My name is Hailey Carmichael and I’m a Junior at Riverview High School. Writing is one of my passions, so I’m very excited to be working on the school newspaper. This will be my third year as part of the RamPage, and you will still find me writing here next year! I’m also involved in FBLA, (Future Business Leaders of America). This will be my third year in this brilliant club as part of the Executive Board. My goal this year is to help publish many entertaining and informative stories for you to readon our online website for everyone to be able to read! Thank you for taking time to get to know your writers!

Hailey Carmichael '23

Staff Writer


Abbie Martin '23

Staff Writer


    Hi, friends! I am Abbie Martin, and it is such a joy to be a part of the RamPage! I have enjoyed every single minute of my three years in Journalism. Writing for the newspaper has allowed me to feel more a part of our school. Doing things for others that put a smile on their face motivates me and writing about topics that I know you will enjoy allows me to do just that. Some things about me: After high school, I plan to attend either FSU, UF, or TCC and major in Obstetric Sonography. Outside of the classroom I have a passion for photography, dogs, and the beach! Working with the RamPage has taught me how to better connect with peers, developed my writing skills and style, and allows me to show off my school pride. Being a part of this passionate community has given me a new purpose and I am excited for the year to come!

    Addison Ruscoe was born and raised in the always warm and sunny Sarasota, Florida. Addison, a 16 year old high school athlete, is one of the top contributors for this paper. As a sports enthusiast, you can catch Addison watching nearly any sporting event, catching up on the most recent sports stats, and recording videos for his paid sports youtube channel during his down time.

Addison Ruscoe '23

Staff Writer


Emma Baltzersen '24

Staff Writer


     I am Emma Baltzersen, IB student and staff writer in the feature section of the RamPage. My favorite classes is history because I enjoy the stories of the past and how it has transformed the world into what we know today. I also enjoy my English class because writing is fun! Outside of my classes I play RHS softball, am a member of the softball club, and play on a travel softball team called “Texas Glory”. We travel all over, in state and out, to play high level tournaments. At the tournament we hone our skills and get exposure to college coaches. If I am not playing softball, I am watching softball. This summer, it was the Softball College World Series and the Olympics. In my free time I like to watch movies with friends and family.

     My name is Annabelle Littlejohn and I’m a sophomore at Riverview. This is my second year taking journalism and I am enjoying it very much. Some things I like to do are play soccer and go to the gym. I have an older sister who I am very close with, and I hope to live near her in the future. I do have a couple more years to decide what I want to do in college but, I hope to attend the university of Florida state and study psychology. I love to read and write so this class is perfect for me and I’m looking forward to the upcoming years in journalism.

Annabelle Littlejohn '24

Staff Writer


Trista Smith '24

Staff Writer

trista s_edited.jpg

     Hi Rams! I am Trista Smith ‘24. This is my second-year writing for the RamPage and this year I am a News Writer. Last year I spent a lot of my time writing on sports as well as doing many features. I am a huge fan of hockey; I have spent a lot of time in Canada and have always loved hockey and watching the Tampa Bay Lightning. Most of my time is spent with my family, on the boat or jet ski, or just chilling by the pool in the beautiful Florida weather. I also spend a lot of my time with my friends, going out to dinner, or just chilling with them. I am so excited to write for the students and teachers here at Riverview. Have an amazing year and Go Rams!

     Hello! I am Kaitlyn Winter, a sophomore here at Riverview High School. This is my second Journalism class and I have very much enjoyed them. I love being able to share my ideas and being able to write about the topic of my choice. Journalism gives me a creative outlet, and I would not be as excited as I am to come to school every day without it. My favorite types of stories to write are news and features. I love writing features because there are endless options, and they are light and fun. News articles are also great because they allow me to get valuable information out to you.

Kaitlyn Winter '24

Staff Writer

Let's make this a wonderfully educational year Rams!