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We Bleed Maroon: A Riverview athletics documentary


The “We Bleed Maroon” documentary with over 2,000 views all about the Riverview football team, was made and produced by VibeChaos Productions, owned by Riverview alumni John J. Vargues, with the help of Jay Haren.

This documentary records responses to questions from our staff as to why they intend keep Riverview’s tradition in athletics so exceptional.

“They wanted to ask, ‘What is your why?’ So, that means why does the principal, athletic director, and coaches do what they do 365 days a year? It doesn’t stop at the end of football season, it keeps going 12 months out of the year,” Athletic Director Rod Dragash said.

Haren and Vargues both graduated from Riverview in 2003, and Haren now owns Suncoast Flag Football League while Vargues owns VibeChaos productions and also works for the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2003, the times and trends have changed, but the same community feel of Riverview is still very much the same.

“Making this video did not really benefit us at all--we did it for the kids and the coaches. We felt we could offer a different side of athletics that normal people never see. A look behind the scenes is what we thought would be cool,” Haren said.

Doing this simply for the community to see just how committed and devoted these staff members and students are to Riverview football, these alumni recorded and edited this video in hopes that it would shed some light on how great Riverview’s athletic team is.

“We used multiple cameras and a drone to make the video we did. The entire process took three months to make the video and over 100 hours of editing going into it to create the video,” Haren explained.

Haren and Vargues both show throughout the course of this video, the students’ and staffs' endless devotion to Riverview, but while doing all of that, it truly just validates how much love and respect they also have for their former high school.

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