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Danny Korzh turns a hobby into a business

LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE—Korzh uses his highly new technology to get the best possible photo opportunities. He explained that using a drone to capture pictures involves many more logistical steps, such as gaining permission and checking with other drone users first.


Unlike many, if not all, students at Riverview who have many diverse hobbies, Danny Korzh has found a hobby that very few people pick up—droning.

Korzh ’21 has quite the abstract hobby that differs from his classmates’ hobbies in that it combines his interests. Korzh flies drones in competitive racing, cinematography, photography and other tricks that his drone is able to do.

For Korzh, this is not a new hobby, as he picked this up about a year and half go. Since freshman year, Korzh has been dominating the sky with his ability to fly and race, along with taking stunning photos and videos of landscapes and people.

Coming from Kviv, Ukraine, Korzh had already picked up the hobby by then, and what influenced him to start was an uncommon beginning. His father had given him the choice to pick up a hobby, and droning happened to be something he had offered to Korzh. In regards to his racing, Korzh has won 70 percent of his races, which is a pretty outstanding win percentage, considering the number of races in which he has competed.

Surprisingly, Korzh admitted that droning is not an easy task, and the skill he has is all thanks to more than a year’s worth of experience by now.

Since racing isn’t the only capability of his drone, his photography/cinematography is outstanding for his age and skill level. Korzh turned his hobby into a part time business which he runs on his own called TopSky Studios. He takes photos and films for personal or corporate customers. He was even able to film a local commercial for the Mercedes dealership on Clark Road.



Droning has been Korzh’s favorite pastime for awhile now, and he certainly has had his fun run and continues to run. His TopSky Studios business is able to let him keep running his drones and lets him to remain competing in races.

Korzh’s favorite thing about droning is hard to narrow down to one thing.

“Everything. It’s simply the best pastime I’ve found in years,” he said.

Here, you can view some of the videography skills that Korzh has when handling and recording on his drone:

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