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People have found that Christmas can be a very chaotic holiday disguised as a cheery day for friends and family.

During the holidays many people give and receive gifts that are appreciated by others. However, some people have been given gifts that aren’t so appreciated.

“One Christmas I got a super ugly sweater from my grandma. I felt so bad I couldn’t tell her I didn't like it,” said Sofia Boyle.

Boyle knew the hideous sweater was a nice gesture, but she wished she had gotten something “a little better.”

“A couple Christmases ago I was given an iPhone 5 from my family. They told me it was an iPhone 6 and I believed it for months later,” said Brooke Whitmore.

Whitmore saw this as a cruel prank and was crushed after one of her friends told her it was an old iPhone.

Not only have people been given weird gifts, but they have also eaten some strange Christmas courses. If you are a younger person, what is given to eat on Christmas is sometimes your only option.

Boyle’s grandmother, who gave her family ugly sweaters, made “frog legs and asparagus” for dinner.

Weird things can be given and eaten but strange events seem to also creep up on families celebrating the holidays.

“When I was around four or five years old, I went to visit Santa Claus in the mall. I noticed a keychain attached to his costume, so my younger self decided to pull it. The keychain was connected to the zipper of his costume, resulting in his Santa Claus disguise falling off,” said Daniella Ruiz.

What may have been humorous for others was devastating for Ruiz, as her Santa fantasy was shattered after this event.

Also, a teacher at Riverview High School, Michaela Stockhill was celebrating the holidays in Mozambique, Africa. Stockhill was on the beach a lot that day and burnt her lips so badly they turned into “pus pockets.”

“I lived in Minnesota before moving to Florida, so cutting down a real tree was somewhat of a family tradition. A few Christmases ago we cut down our tree, brought it inside our house, and noticed something strange. There were lizards running all over our house,” said Whitmore.

From eating frog legs and asparagus to pulling Santa’s costume off, the Christmas holidays can turn very chaotic fast.

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