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Families feast on Thursday, shoppers on Friday and Monday

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday--the holidays are here again. It is time for last-minute holiday shopping steals and deals, the most popular of these being Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Many wonder if these events affect other holidays like Thanksgiving. Black Friday always starts on the night of Thanksgiving. This event sparks a lot of people rushing to stores to get their hands on the biggest sales. The event is always followed by Cyber Monday, which always takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Many have started to question how important Black Friday shopping is, and opt out on the doorbusters for virtual sales the following Monday, when everyone goes back to work. For some, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to wait in line and would like to spend more time with their family. Nicole Sciacca ‘21, is an annual shopper for these events. She and her sister go every year to find gifts for their family members. She favors Walmart.

“I buy all the toys for my nieces and nephew,” Sciacca said of her goal in gift finding.

Another person who prefers Black Friday over Cyber Monday is Michaela Porcelli ‘19. The items that she likes to purchase are mostly clothes, shoes, and sometimes cosmetics. She likes to have an idea of what she wants to buy beforehand, so that she isn’t lost and knows exactly where to go. To make sure that she can buy as much as she can, both for herself and to get presents for others, she always tries her best to save up a couple months prior of Black Friday. Porcelli doesn’t like the idea of the use of plastic bags, so she always brings two or three IKEA bags with her when she goes shopping.

“No point in wasting a bunch of plastic bags,” Porcelli said.

She is big on not using plastic if it’s not necessary, and besides, it makes it “much easier to carry everything,” said Porcelli.

Black Friday is an annual tradition for many, but that that does mean the sales are an interruption to many and their Thanksgiving dinner. Chemistry teacher Maggie Jones has gone Black Friday shopping, but she thinks it interferes in “traditional holidays spent with loved ones.”

“I think it’s a travesty on the whole family,” said Jones. The Chemistry teacher has gone with her daughter before to shop for items that are marked down further after 10 p.m. It also helps with avoiding the crowds.

On the other hand, Maureen Finley prefers to shop on Cyber Monday. Finley prefers Cyber Monday because she is “able to avoid crowds and get what I need more quickly.” Shopping online also allows her to get things from many different stores like Macy’s, Ulta and Best Buy.

There is no definitive answer on which sale date is better. Some would rather stay with loved ones that they wouldn’t see otherwise. People enjoy the feeling of saving a lot on gifts that would normally cost them hundreds would disagree. Fighting someone over a flat screen TV, or a set of PJs gives some joy and excitement. Others would rather avoid the lines, crowds, and stress and buy online.

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