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National Pickle Day is almost here, dilly dilly

November is a time where many people get ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, however, as many people are not aware, November also is a time to ponder National Pickle Day.

National Pickle day is a small holiday celebrated on Nov. 14 and is reserved to appreciate the pickle and incorporate it into as many foods as possible, many of which include fried pickles, cheeseburgers and hearty chicken sandwiches.

Most of the people that were asked about Pickle Day, had no clue what they were being asked. Several people were asked the following questions: “Have you ever heard of National Pickle Day? Would you ever consider participating in National Pickle Day?” and “What other food items do you know of that are pickled?”

One of lunch ladies at Riverview, Amy Bliesner, said that she “loved pickles” and stated that she would love to celebrate the holiday. Bliesner even suggested that the cafeteria would try to serve pickles on National Pickle Day. Bliesner is going to ask the administrative staff if they would be able to serve them on National Pickle Day on Nov. 14.

As many people are not aware of Pickle Day, when asked about Pickle Day, Michaela Stockhill’s students had a few answers. They listed a few foods that people could pickle, but they weren't completely sure if the foods were pickled. This included “pickled cabbage,” also known as coleslaw.

There are many unknown facts about pickles, such as how they are preferred. In North America, people generally prefer pickles with warts, whereas in Europe, warts on pickles are not as appreciated.

Furthermore, pickles can be classified as fruits, and the noise they make when eaten is called a ‘snap,’ which can be heard from 25 feet away.

As Americans eat more than 20 billion pickles a year, the pickle is an enjoyed snack by many people. Although unknown to many, National Pickle Day is a day for people to celebrate.

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