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Riverview Students’ Christmas Traditions

Many students at Riverview have very warming and nice traditions that have been carried out for years, or due to their certain cultures. These traditions are a way these families come together and share experiences that will be brought done form each generation in their families.

One Riverview family is the Rovnak, Kylie Rovnak, is a Riverview highland dancer. She explains about how her family is Slovakian heritage to inspire their traditions. As well, her more immediate family has a tradition of their own

“On Christmas Eve we have a huge dinner with all my cousins and family, and we eat Slovakian food because I’m Slovakian. then when everyone leaves, we watch ‘Twas the night before Christmas movie.” Rovnak said.

Another Riverview family is the Lucas’s, Sarah Lucas is a Riverview JV cheerleader. Lucas explained about her very flexible, and funny traditions.

“Our family wears new funny outfits, such as onesies, or this year we have Snoopy Christmas shirts. We also go over my mimi’s house and eat then late that night go through the stockings.” Lucas said.

The Evans’ family has its own charming traditions, Will Evans a Riverview football player. Evans tells what his family has done for years and how they have a big family outing for the holiday.

“My family always goes to a candlelight service the night before Christmas at church and we always have everyone over at my house and my dad roasts a brisket.” Evans said.

The Riverview family that has cool family traditions and was one that was funny and quite unique was the Kennelly's. Amanda Kennelly, an IB student, who told us her family's holiday tradition.

“Well each kid has their own tree and my then my dog and family have a tree, the family tree it’s a real one, and then we put them all up as we watch elf.” Kennelly said.

The last Christmas traditions that were shared was from the Jorgenson’s, Kirsten Jorgenson an IB student, explains her family's very special tradition.

“Every Christmas we have blueberry muffins in the morning, we go to church every Christmas eve, Christmas night we have a Norwegian dessert, we watch a Christmas movie every Christmas night, family dinner.” Jorgenson said.

Overall, the Riverview's students Christmas traditions vary high and wide. These traditions are valuable to these families. There are many traditions that the students carry out every year, the ones explained are ones that are special to those families. So, from the Rampage to all Riverview students, Merry Christmas!

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