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CAS projects continue to be worked on

CAS Projects are happening all over Riverview High School. CAS Projects stands for “creativity, activity, and service”. These projects are a key component in achieving the International Baccalaureate diploma. Every single IB junior is supposed to start their CAS Project so that it can be perfected and reflected on during their senior year.

Junior, Matteo Catena, explains his CAS Project, “I’m going to run an Instagram page that’s similar to the humans of New York Instagram page. I’m going to take pictures of RHS students and write their story as the caption of the pictures. The picture will be just a candid of them during school and then a brief story about their background, experiences, and how they ended up where they are.” Catena describes his project as a humanistic approach. He wants RHS students to be united by their differences and understanding of where others came from.

CAS Projects are a way for students to impact their community whether its through expression, fundraising, or support. IB cherishes these beliefs that their students can have a great impact on their surrounding community.

Seniors now, are putting their CAS Projects in full swing as the year is flying by.

Alex Hanan ’19, describes her CAS Project as a fundraiser for the community. “I signed up to be a captain for relay for life team which means I had to recruit 25 people to do various fundraisers throughout the year.” The fundraisers were personal, as well as a big group one which Hanan put on.

“Water pong was the big tournament I put on. There was an entry fee to play and fun prizes. We had so many people come and be a part of the tournament. At that event alone, we raised $600 dollars. Although there were some other events that didn’t happen, we still reached a big portion of our goal being $1800,” Hanan expands on the fundraisers for the CAS Projects.

CAS Projects don’t have to be done alone, however. Seniors can choose to work in partnerships to complete their projects.

Corinna Kuschnitzky ’19, explains hers and another senior’s CAS Project as an outreach for the community. They are involved in a “Pajama Program Drive”. This drive collects donations, whether it be money or boxed pj’s, which go to children who don’t have them. They are also collecting things such a books and little stories, so these children can have a more normal bedtime routine. After three weeks of collecting the donations, Kuschnitzky is going to Tampa to drop off all the items she collected. While in Tampa, she explains “once we drop off the donations, were going to read to the kids and give them their new PJ’s.”

Many RHS students have decided to create partnerships to make their projects reach further than just the Florida community, CAS Projects can reach all areas of the world.

Avery Long and Allison Mchenry ’19, joined together to raise over $2,800 dollars for an underfunded school in El Progreso, Honduras. Long recalls the experience saying “We sold decaf, whole bean, and ground coffee. The project and coffee we sold is called Hearts for Honduras. We used the money to build a new playground for the kids. It was so awesome because we gotta visit the school in June, meet all the kids that our money would be going to help, as well as plan out the playground for them. “

CAS Projects are a way for Riverview IB students to really make in impact in the Florida community, as well as all over the globe. Many students choose to use their projects to help underprivileged areas all over. No matter what, these students will remember the impact they made on others lives, not to mention the lives of the people that they changed. Those people will be changed forever by the acts of RHS students. And that is what Riverview is all about.

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