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New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a new year is the perfect time for a change. Many people make “New Year's resolutions,” in hopes of bettering themselves. New Year's Resolutions began as a religious practice, but have now become well-known to people all over the world. Whether your aim is to eat healthier or have a more positive mindset, the beginning of a brand new year is a wonderful point to begin. New Year's resolutions have become a tradition to many, as a way to become inspired for change. Brooke Campbell ‘19 says, “I think they’re a great idea but people never stick to them. It’s more of a January goal. My goal for 2019 is to eat better and hopefully I will stick to it.” Camille Baldwin ‘20 says her goal for the new year is to study more. “I really want to focus on school more and improve my grades.” Although New Year’s resolutions are supposed to a positive concept, there are some who do not believe in the idea.

”I don’t like the idea of New Year’s resolution. I think you should work to achieve your goals throughout the entire year, not just at the start of a new year,” says Veronica Gill ‘20. Franci Ventura agrees with Gill’s assertion, adding that she believes “if someone wants to make a change in their life then they shouldn’t have to wait until a new year to change.” Even though many people don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, if you’re working to improve yourself, you could give it a shot!

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