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Teens put competing phones to the test

When it comes to having the highest quality smartphone, there’s always the debate of having an iPhone or Android. Both mobile devices are used often, especially by high school students. The results out of 100 people were 95% to 5% in favor of Apple products over Samsung products.

A survey tested at Riverview led to a tremendous number of cell phone-using teens, with iPhone as their No. 1 choice of best mobile device, with close to 100 percent of people choosing Apple iPhone over other varieties such as Android. This led to the discovery of how many students use certain brands of phones for characteristics like quality.

Over the last decade, electronic-based companies, including those manufacturing computers, televisions and cell phones such as Samsung and Apple have worked to find ways to continuously improve cell-phones to likings of kids and teenagers. Still, students remain tough and highly selective customers.

“Apple has a much better software that I am more comfortable using! I also love that I can sync my phone to my other Apple products such as my Airpods, MacBook or apple watch,” said Brielle Campbell ‘22.

Not only does Campbell agree, but reviews on the internet tend to favor Apple over Android, too. According to the website", it states that when Apple’s most recent phone, the iPhone XR, and Samsung’s Galaxy S9 were put through the multi-core Geekbench 4 test, the Apple phone scored a 10,364 while the Galaxy S9 scored a low grade of 2,472. The 8000-point difference might be the deciding factor when choosing an Apple phone or a Samsung phone.

“I prefer Apple because the camera quality is better by far, and the iPhone is a lot easier to use than Androids. The iPhone is also a very clean-looking style, compared to Androids,” said Alice Robinson ‘22.

Many of the iPhone users would agree that the iPhone provides a better software system involving IOS that pertains to many teens’ liking, including the new emojis, facetime abilities and other features included in the iPhone.

Apple also came out with more devices that are more likely to be purchased, such as the new wireless earbuds called air pods, and this factor has helped in improving the company's status and ratings.

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